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RSS feeds (Re: Backlog proposals, now and future - Special Bug Triage meeting, 2008-03-12 17:00UTC)

The proposals are very neat, but I'd like to add a third one.

Even cleaner Bugzilla won't resolve the problem of bugs being unnoticed or
consciously ignored. There will always be more new bugs than maintainers and
there will always be bugs which aren't clearly understood to the maintainer
(my English level is not enough to say what I really want, other people may
not provide all the needed info).

Mailing some small group of people to remind them about every bug by e-mail
is very prone to omissions. Besides, this way people who'd like to help simply
doesn't, to keep away from the flood.

Bugzilla 2.20 has it to some degree, I'm sure it can be backported or written
from scratch: we need RSS feeds.

We need a public RSS feed of last 100 bugs filed. I could read it from time to
time and a) provide more feedback if I can reproduce it, before the maintainer
asks for it, b) ask for more feedback before the maintainer does if I can't
reproduce it.

We need an RSS feed for every component alone. That way I could track bugs
touching programs which I'm really interested in.

We need a separate RSS feed for bugs needing attention. That way I wouldn't
mind joining the BugZappers or similar team, without being afraid of email

I think adding people that work in their really spare (I mean, once or
twice a week, but multiply that by the number of new people) time to the pool
of active contributors can only benefit Fedora.

Please, consider implementing it.


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