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system-config-soundcard: why?

I see this in the default install - I'm wondering why this needs to be

>From looking over it:

1) it writes ordering lines to modprobe.conf that will cause problems in
the event of hotplug
2) it offers to reload the audio drivers, which will *never* work in a
standard desktop install with a mixer running (and then tells users
to reboot afterwards!)
3) it has 'Apply' buttons, yet also 'Restore Configuration Files' and
'Reset configuration files', which are instant-action
4) its 'Reset configuration files' actually resets them to a state different
from that of a default install
5) it runs *AS ROOT*, complete with GUI, when such permissions aren't
needed to play sounds
6) there is already a 'Sound Preferences' in the desktop, which allows
users to select their default playback & capture devices, and test sounds

So, why do we need this in the default install?


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