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Localisation needs to be improved

Right, time for this conversation again.

I've installed f9-preview and for the most part I'm thrilled.

But yet again I get to go through the hell of telling applications,
printer set ups and the likes that I'm in Australia and I want to use
A4, etc.

In my case, this all stems from having to us US english because as a
coder, most programming languages are based around US english (center,
not centre, for example) and there's enough noise on the screen without
underlines because I spelt something 'wrong'

Regardless, there has to be plenty of people who live somewhere, but use
a different language or the likes for some reason.

Strangely, I get to go through this all because I picked a language and
stated that I lived somewhere in the installer and the installer chooses
to assume all sorts of things about where I live from the language I
choose to use, rather than the location I live in.

Strangely, I no loner need an xorg.conf file for X, but the installer
can't seem to get something as simple as this right.

I know that I can make changes to some file, and that manually I can
make it work by doing this, but I shouldn't have to.  ´╗┐THIS SHOULD JUST

This should be a priority for f10.

"It's a fine line between denial and faith.
 It's much better on my side"

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