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Fedora 10 Feature Process

Hello Fedora 10,

Fedora 9 completed the second iteration of the Fedora Feature process. It seemed to run a little smoother than things did with Fedora 8. The gist of the feedback I heard was that the marketing and documentation groups loved the feature pages and information they provided while some developers thought creating and updating the feature pages was too much work and other developers found it to be no problem at all.

So before we start the next round of Feature Acceptance process by FESCo I wanted to open a dialogue here that could carry over to the FESCo meeting on 2008-05-29 whereby FESCo could vote to amend the existing policy based on the constructive feedback received.

I have created a wiki page to track this process here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/F10PolicyReview

Key proposals so far include:
 * Tracker bugs for each feature
 * Better test plan information
 * No incomplete feature form sections

Admittedly one of the next things we will need is an application to track this process so we can get away from using the wiki. I'm open to any volunteers who would like to help write such an application or could propose an existing open source tool that would handle the current information we request and track for new features.


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