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Re: Werewolf -> Sulphur -> <blank>? Sulphur is a <blank>, <NewName> is a <blank>

It won't be strictly followed to Josh's notes about Fedora naming, but i'll take a try.

Fireworks or gun powder are being made from Sulphur. Sulphur is one of their ingredients.
When we're launching fireworks, they're exploding.

So... Mine proposal is: Fedora 10 "eXplosion"

Note 'X' as 10, also explosion can mean here explosion of new technologies/functionalities etc in Fedora 10

2008/5/22 Josh Boyer <jwboyer gmail com>:
Let the naming begin!  We're starting very early this time around in
the name game for F10.  So, let the suggestions flow!

Remember the rules:

1) <NewName> must have some link to Sulphur

More specifically, the link should be
       Sulphur is a <blank> and
       <NewName> is a <blank>
Where <blank> is the same for both

2) The link between <NewName> and Sulphur cannot be the same as between
Werewolf and Sulphur.  That link was "things that react badly with

I will be collecting suggestions for 1 week, so the cutoff for names is:

May 29, 2008

Suggestions will be run through the legal queue and an election will
happen for Fedora contributors to pick the next Fedora name.


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