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Re: Werewolf -> Sulphur -> <blank>? Sulphur is a <blank>, <NewName> is a <blank>

On Thu, 2008-05-22 at 06:57 -0500, Josh Boyer wrote:
> Let the naming begin!  We're starting very early this time around in
> the name game for F10.  So, let the suggestions flow!

This is the second or third time I have entirely missed the naming discussion.


Not all contributors slavishly read every word on fedora-devel-list.

Next time, PLEASE, a cross-project announcement is in order.  Otherwise
you disenfranchise every project that does not have f-devel-l as their
primary project list.

Previously it was suggested that the people who make the distribution
should be involved in the naming, that is why it is not on e.g.
fedora-list.  These days, I can't see how we can imagine making a distro
without all of the other subprojects.  Why should we name the distro
without them?

- Karsten

> Remember the rules:
> 1) <NewName> must have some link to Sulphur
> More specifically, the link should be
> 	Sulphur is a <blank> and
> 	<NewName> is a <blank>
> Where <blank> is the same for both
> 2) The link between <NewName> and Sulphur cannot be the same as between
> Werewolf and Sulphur.  That link was "things that react badly with
> silver".
> I will be collecting suggestions for 1 week, so the cutoff for names is:
> May 29, 2008
> Suggestions will be run through the legal queue and an election will
> happen for Fedora contributors to pick the next Fedora name.
> josh
Karsten Wade, Sr. Developer Community Mgr.
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Fedora : http://quaid.fedorapeople.org
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