starting Fedora Server SIG

Bill Nottingham notting at
Thu Nov 13 22:32:42 UTC 2008

Seth Vidal (skvidal at said: 
>> - Consistently queryable for all various network settings, via dbus
>>  (as opposed to the conglomeration of ifconfig, ip, route, iwconfig,
>>  and 'cat <config file here>')
>> - Better scriptability of actions when you join and leave networks,
>>  links go up and down, etc. (netreport is not a good interface.)
>> - Support for both user-specific and system-wide configurations
>> - Sane WPA, mobile broadband, etc. support
>> This is above and beyond the GUI-related stuff, such as easily
>> switching between wireless networks, connection sharing, etc.
> You might notice that all of the above are features that are good for
> developers working on enhancing other software and good for desktop  
> users but not so much features that a sysadmin worried only about keeping 
> systems running and using as few resources as possible will care about.

How is NM-dispatcher a developer service? Similarly, nm-tool is
at least quicker than 'ip addr ls ; ip route ls ; cat /etc/resolv.conf'.

As for resources... just to point out that NM (at least on my laptop)
uses 2.5MB resident... pretty much exactly the same amount as the 5
unused mingetty processes that many 'server' admins screamed needed to be
kept always.


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