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Chris Adams cmadams at
Wed Nov 12 13:18:06 UTC 2008

Once upon a time, Patrice Dumas <pertusus at> said:
> Fedora is not in a bad state with respect to fine grained dependencies
> (it was quite bad back, at least up to FC4), mostly 
> * thanks to olpc,
> * to maintainers who reported these issues,
> * because there is always some space needed on the live disc
> * thanks to split to some -libs because of multilib issues.
> Unless it has been solved, there was still an issue with metacity (and
> maybe gnome) and themes interdependencies. Also there are still
> monolithic big beasts like texlive, but I am not sure that it is
> that desirable to fix those.

I tried to install ntop on a firewall (minimal F9 install, tuned via
kickstart).  There were 70 packages added because of dependencies,
including metacity.

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