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Chris Adams cmadams at
Wed Nov 12 20:07:50 UTC 2008

Once upon a time, Jesse Keating <jkeating at> said:
> On Wed, 2008-11-12 at 13:15 -0600, Chris Adams wrote:
> > Well, I guess start with a very minimal install and see what is there.
> > With rawhide, it appears impossible to install a kernel without pulling
> > in X libraries (because of plymouth), so I guess the base X libraries
> > can be considered "core" now.
> Pardon?

Doing a "yum install kernel" from rawhide in an empty install root

 Package                 Arch     Version                     Repository  Size
 kernel                  x86_64            rawhide      20 M
Installing for dependencies:
 ConsoleKit-libs         x86_64   0.3.0-2.fc10                rawhide      15 k
 MAKEDEV                 x86_64   3.24-1                      rawhide      94 k
 audit-libs              x86_64   1.7.8-6.fc10                rawhide      79 k
 basesystem              noarch   10.0-1                      rawhide     2.8 k
 bash                    x86_64   3.2-29.fc10                 rawhide     1.8 M
 bzip2-libs              x86_64   1.0.5-3.fc10                rawhide      37 k
 ca-certificates         noarch   2008-7                      rawhide     307 k
 cairo                   x86_64   1.8.0-1.fc10                rawhide     436 k
 chkconfig               x86_64   1.3.38-1                    rawhide     162 k
 coreutils               x86_64   6.12-17.fc10                rawhide     4.7 M
 cpio                    x86_64   2.9.90-2.fc10               rawhide     185 k
 cracklib                x86_64   2.8.12-2                    rawhide      48 k
 cracklib-dicts          x86_64   2.8.12-2                    rawhide     3.7 M
 db4                     x86_64   4.7.25-5.fc10               rawhide     649 k
 dbus                    x86_64   1.2.4-1.fc10                rawhide     227 k
 dbus-libs               x86_64   1.2.4-1.fc10                rawhide     130 k
 device-mapper           x86_64   1.02.27-6.fc10              rawhide      75 k
 device-mapper-libs      x86_64   1.02.27-6.fc10              rawhide      72 k
 diffutils               x86_64   2.8.1-21.fc9                rawhide     215 k
 dmraid                  x86_64   1.0.0.rc15-1.fc10           rawhide     129 k
 e2fsprogs               x86_64   1.41.3-2.fc10               rawhide     747 k
 e2fsprogs-libs          x86_64   1.41.3-2.fc10               rawhide     147 k
 elfutils-libelf         x86_64   0.137-3.fc10                rawhide      54 k
 ethtool                 x86_64   6-1.fc9                     rawhide      66 k
 expat                   x86_64   2.0.1-5                     rawhide      83 k
 fedora-logos            noarch   10.0.1-2.fc10               rawhide     1.8 M
 fedora-release          noarch   10-1                        rawhide      25 k
 fedora-release-notes    noarch   10.0.0-0.2                  rawhide     5.0 M
 filesystem              x86_64   2.4.19-1.fc10               rawhide     120 k
 findutils               x86_64   1:4.4.0-1.fc10              rawhide     568 k
 fontconfig              x86_64   2.6.0-3.fc10                rawhide     183 k
 freetype                x86_64   2.3.7-1.fc10                rawhide     353 k
 gamin                   x86_64   0.1.9-6.fc10                rawhide     141 k
 gawk                    x86_64   3.1.5-18.fc10               rawhide     981 k
 gdbm                    x86_64   1.8.0-29.fc10               rawhide      28 k
 glib2                   x86_64   2.18.2-3.fc10               rawhide     1.4 M
 glibc                   x86_64   2.8.90-16                   rawhide     5.1 M
 glibc-common            x86_64   2.8.90-16                   rawhide      22 M
 grep                    x86_64   2.5.1a-61.fc10              rawhide     184 k
 gzip                    x86_64   1.3.12-7.fc10               rawhide     116 k
 info                    x86_64   4.12-4.fc10                 rawhide     186 k
 initscripts             x86_64   8.85-1                      rawhide     1.9 M
 iproute                 x86_64   2.6.26-1.fc10               rawhide     861 k
 iputils                 x86_64   20071127-6.fc10             rawhide     135 k
 isomd5sum               x86_64   1:1.0.4-1                   rawhide      26 k
 kernel-firmware         noarch            rawhide     350 k
 keyutils-libs           x86_64   1.2-3.fc9                   rawhide      18 k
 kpartx                  x86_64   0.4.8-7.fc10                rawhide      23 k
 krb5-libs               x86_64   1.6.3-16.fc10               rawhide     737 k
 less                    x86_64   424-1.fc10                  rawhide     111 k
 libX11                  x86_64   1.1.4-5.fc10                rawhide     827 k
 libXau                  x86_64   1.0.4-1.fc10                rawhide      20 k
 libXdmcp                x86_64   1.0.2-6.fc10                rawhide      21 k
 libXext                 x86_64   1.0.4-1.fc9                 rawhide      39 k
 libXft                  x86_64   2.1.13-1.fc10               rawhide      51 k
 libXrender              x86_64   0.9.4-3.fc9                 rawhide      29 k
 libacl                  x86_64   2.2.47-3.fc10               rawhide      22 k
 libattr                 x86_64   2.4.43-1.fc10               rawhide      14 k
 libcap                  x86_64   2.10-2.fc10                 rawhide      30 k
 libdhcp                 x86_64   1.99.8-1.fc10               rawhide      70 k
 libdhcp4client          x86_64   12:4.0.0-30.fc10            rawhide     281 k
 libdhcp6client          x86_64   1.0.22-1.fc10               rawhide      88 k
 libgcc                  x86_64   4.3.2-7                     rawhide      69 k
 libidn                  x86_64   0.6.14-8                    rawhide     212 k
 libnl                   x86_64   1.1-5.fc10                  rawhide     137 k
 libpng                  x86_64   2:1.2.31-2.fc10             rawhide     246 k
 libselinux              x86_64   2.0.73-1.fc10               rawhide      98 k
 libsepol                x86_64   2.0.33-1.fc10               rawhide     132 k
 libstdc++               x86_64   4.3.2-7                     rawhide     320 k
 libthai                 x86_64   0.1.9-4.fc9                 rawhide     186 k
 libvolume_id            x86_64   127-3.fc10                  rawhide      54 k
 libxcb                  x86_64   1.1.91-5.fc10               rawhide     120 k
 linux-atm-libs          x86_64   2.5.0-5                     rawhide      23 k
 logrotate               x86_64   3.7.7-1.fc10                rawhide      52 k
 lvm2                    x86_64   2.02.39-6.fc10              rawhide     395 k
 mdadm                   x86_64              rawhide     951 k
 mingetty                x86_64   1.08-2.fc9                  rawhide      20 k
 mkinitrd                x86_64   6.0.70-1.fc10               rawhide     113 k
 module-init-tools       x86_64   3.5-3.fc10                  rawhide     481 k
 nash                    x86_64   6.0.70-1.fc10               rawhide     164 k
 ncurses                 x86_64   5.6-20.20080927.fc10        rawhide     169 k
 ncurses-base            x86_64   5.6-20.20080927.fc10        rawhide      63 k
 ncurses-libs            x86_64   5.6-20.20080927.fc10        rawhide     327 k
 net-tools               x86_64   1.60-91.fc10                rawhide     368 k
 openssl                 x86_64   0.9.8g-11.fc10              rawhide     1.3 M
 pam                     x86_64   1.0.2-2.fc10                rawhide     663 k
 pango                   x86_64   1.22.1-1.fc10               rawhide     379 k
 parted                  x86_64   1.8.8-8.fc10                rawhide     640 k
 pcre                    x86_64   7.8-1.fc10                  rawhide     213 k
 pixman                  x86_64   0.12.0-1.fc10               rawhide     109 k
 plymouth                x86_64   0.6.0-0.2008.11.10.5.fc10   rawhide      48 k
 plymouth-libs           x86_64   0.6.0-0.2008.11.10.5.fc10   rawhide      66 k
 plymouth-plugin-label   x86_64   0.6.0-0.2008.11.10.5.fc10   rawhide      18 k
 plymouth-plugin-solar   x86_64   0.6.0-0.2008.11.10.5.fc10   rawhide     550 k
 plymouth-scripts        x86_64   0.6.0-0.2008.11.10.5.fc10   rawhide      16 k
 popt                    x86_64   1.13-4.fc10                 rawhide      39 k
 procps                  x86_64   3.2.7-21.fc10               rawhide     215 k
 psmisc                  x86_64   22.6-8.fc10                 rawhide      74 k
 python                  x86_64   2.5.2-1.fc10                rawhide     4.9 M
 python-libs             x86_64   2.5.2-1.fc10                rawhide     604 k
 readline                x86_64   5.2-13.fc9                  rawhide     190 k
 rsyslog                 x86_64   3.21.3-4.fc10               rawhide     373 k
 sed                     x86_64   4.1.5-10.fc9                rawhide     189 k
 setup                   noarch   2.7.4-1.fc10                rawhide     140 k
 shadow-utils            x86_64   2:4.1.2-8.fc10              rawhide     1.3 M
 sqlite                  x86_64   3.5.9-2.fc10                rawhide     242 k
 sysvinit-tools          x86_64   2.86-24                     rawhide      62 k
 tar                     x86_64   2:1.20-3.fc10               rawhide     976 k
 tzdata                  noarch   2008h-1.fc10                rawhide     753 k
 udev                    x86_64   127-3.fc10                  rawhide     262 k
 upstart                 x86_64   0.3.9-19.fc10               rawhide     258 k
 util-linux-ng           x86_64   2.14.1-3.fc10               rawhide     2.0 M
 xorg-x11-filesystem     noarch   7.3-2.fc10                  rawhide     5.6 k
 zlib                    x86_64   1.2.3-18.fc9                rawhide      75 k

It looks like the dep chain to the X libraries is:

cairo requires
plymouth-plugin-label requires
plymouth-plugin-solar requires plymouth-plugin-label
plymouth requires system-plymouth-plugin (provided by plymouth-plugin-solar)
mkinitrd requires plymouth

If I explicitly add "plymouth-text-and-details-only" to my install, it
satisfies the system-plymouth-plugin dependency, and I don't get libX11
and such.

Maybe plymouth-text-and-details-only should be in @core and
plymouth-plugin-solar in @base?

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