Rawhide boot failure (2008-11-15)

Chris Adams cmadams at hiwaay.net
Sun Nov 16 00:17:30 UTC 2008

Once upon a time, John Reiser <jreiser at BitWagon.com> said:
> Chris Adams wrote:
> >Is it just me, or does today's i386 rawhide not boot? 
> The DVD that I made using pungi boots and displays the graphical splash 
> screen.
>   ananconda-
>   initscripts-8.86-1.i386
>   kernel- (Thu Nov 13).

Have you tried booting the provided boot.iso or vmlinuz/initrd.img?
Also, which glibc did you use?  It was updated last night.

Anyway, it looks like the problem is that the initrd.img has
/lib/ld-linux.so.2 as a symlink to itself, rather than ld-2.9.so, so
/sbin/init fails to load (no dynamic loader).  I'm not sure how that
happened; the glibc RPM has it right.

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