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Re: RFC: fix summary text for lots of packages

On Thu November 20 2008, Richard Hughes wrote:

> "A simple GNOME application that converts media files to Free formats"
> First, we don't need to say it's an application, not that it's GNOME
> specific. Surely something like this would be better:

If I understand you correctly, you say that the summary should not mention, 
that it is GNOME specific, but in the bug report you write that this is a 
good summary:

| GNOME Power Manager

Imho it is not bad to mention that an applications is GNOME / KDE / whatever 
specific unless it is obvious from the package name. Also iirc the package 
for the GNOME power manager is also named gnome-power-manager, so imho above 
summary does not contain any additional useful information imho.


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