Disappointed: My feature was removed without noticing me

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Wed Oct 8 16:38:52 UTC 2008

Kevin Kofler (kevin.kofler at chello.at) said: 
> Bill Nottingham <notting <at> redhat.com> writes:
> > There are descriptions which are translated as well....
> Well, leave it blank, leave it in English (untranslated), put just a URL for 
> the upstream web page as the description

... or, actually follow the string freeze, and the string freeze break

> too, ... - anything is better than having a set of packages all packaged and 
> reviewed, but hidden from users (not listed in comps, and rejected as a feature 
> on the ground that it isn't in comps).

I'm sorry, but I'm missing the outrage - the feature page listed the
following things, under 'Scope':
  * Package Reviews  (were not fully done)
  * Comps: new group with id "lxde-desktop", name "LXDE"...
	o mandatory: lxde-common, lxpanel, openbox, pcmanfm
	o default: gpicview, leafpad, lxappearance, lxtask, lxterminal, obconf, xarchiver
	... (wasn't done)

and, under 'Test Plan':
  As most of the packages are already in fedora they are proven to be stable. So we need to
  1. get the 2 missing packages into rawhide ASAP so they are included in the F10 Beta
  2. add packages to comps
  3. test that installation with yum-groupinstall works correctly
  4. test fresh installs with the beta 

It wasn't even to having step 1 completed. So, exactly what else is there to
do when even the basic scope and test plan of the feature isn't ready?


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