Status of libtool 2.2.X?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Fri Oct 10 20:15:01 UTC 2008

Adam Jackson wrote:
> Sun cc is pretty similar, but solaris has gcc installed well over half
> the time anyway.  *BSD and OSX are all gcc, Windows is effectively gcc
> for open source projects, and there are no other operating systems.

Huh? There's OSF, HP-UX, and AIX, all of which I still deal with.

> Most of the complexity in libtool (and autotools in general) is to
> support systems that simply are not worth supporting and that
> practically speaking don't exist anymore.  I'm being slightly flip in
> saying 'gcc -shared' but really not by much.  Honestly for any fringe
> platform the correct thing to do is port gcc/binutils/gmake first.

Porting gmake is easy, porting binutils/gcc is hard and not likely to 
work with the system libraries. And people sometimes use other compilers 
(e.g. icc) even when gcc is available.

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