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tab completion less useful now, due to sbin in path

Grumble grumble.

I'm finding having sbin in my user path really annoying. I go to type
'killall firefox' using tab completion, and killall5 (which says in its man
page "Its primary (only) use is in the rc scripts"!) is in the way. I go to
run firefox again, and I'm impeded by firstboot. Etc., etc., etc.

This change is not for the better, and doesn't fit the stated goal of "sbin

The sudo change was good, and helped out. Moving useful binaries out of sbin
and into bin would have been a good path. Throwing everything into one pot
is a regression.

Now, I hear you saying already: "stop whining, Matthew. Just put it the way
you want in your dotfiles". Well, okay, I have. But I don't want to just set
a static path since I want /etc/profile.d to still work. So I've got to do
an active munging sed script. Ugh.

We've just made the command line a lot less user friendly for common use in
exchange for an ugly fix to a small inconvenience. *Any* chance of putting
this back and working at fixing the problem the hard but correct way?

Matthew Miller <mattdm mattdm org>
Senior Systems Architect 
Cyberinfrastructure Labs
Computing & Information Technology 
Harvard School of Engineering & Applied Sciences

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