tab completion less useful now, due to sbin in path

Nigel Jones dev at
Wed Oct 1 03:06:02 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-09-30 at 20:52 -0600, Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 8:24 PM, Matthew Miller <mattdm at> wrote:
> > Grumble grumble.
> >
> > I'm finding having sbin in my user path really annoying. I go to type
> > 'killall firefox' using tab completion, and killall5 (which says in its man
> > page "Its primary (only) use is in the rc scripts"!) is in the way. I go to
> > run firefox again, and I'm impeded by firstboot. Etc., etc., etc.
> >
> > This change is not for the better, and doesn't fit the stated goal of "sbin
> > sanity".
> >
> > The sudo change was good, and helped out. Moving useful binaries out of sbin
> > and into bin would have been a good path. Throwing everything into one pot
> > is a regression.
> >
> >
> > Now, I hear you saying already: "stop whining, Matthew. Just put it the way
> > you want in your dotfiles". Well, okay, I have. But I don't want to just set
> > a static path since I want /etc/profile.d to still work. So I've got to do
> > an active munging sed script. Ugh.
> >
> > We've just made the command line a lot less user friendly for common use in
> > exchange for an ugly fix to a small inconvenience. *Any* chance of putting
> > this back and working at fixing the problem the hard but correct way?
> >
> I won't say you are whining.. but you are the first systems
> administrator I have met in several years who hasn't had
> /usr/sbin:/sbin in their default path. You sure they didn't make you a
> manager and didn't tell you?
> I think the chance for putting it back is still there.. if someone is
> willing to do the work on the hard but correct way? I think it was
> crickets the last couple of times when volunteers were asked for that.

I personally have come to like typing the full paths for /sbin /usr/sbin
stuff, only problem is, sometimes things that one would feel is more
appropriate in /sbin isn't there (setenforce etc).

I haven't added such to my . files for such a long time it's not funny,
to the point where just typing 'ifconfig' before felt unnatural...

I can however live with either, I literally don't give a damn and it
doesn't bother me... :)
Nigel Jones <dev at>

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