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Uniform Proxy Settings

Hi list,

Whenever I try a new version of Fedora, the first problem I face is setting the proxy. It seems for almost every application, I have to specify proxy at a different place. We have this "System -> Preferences -> Internet and Network -> Network Proxy" app to specify proxy settings. But I wonder if there is some application which obeys these settings.


1. Yum (3.2.19-3.fc10) won't fetch proxy settings from above specified location. It has to be set via proxy option in yum.conf or http_proxy/ftp_proxy env variable.
   2. Codeina (0.10.1-9.fc10) will behave the same.
3. Revisor (2.1.0-1rc7.fc9) will not even obey http_proxy/ftp_proxy env variable settings. It has to be set in revisor.conf via proxy option.
   .... and the list continues.

Do we have any plans in near future to force a single location where proxy will be set and all other applications must read/write settings from/to that location? so that we can set different proxies (in case somebody needs) for different applications at that particular location.

Thank you,
Kulbir Saini,
Computer Science and Engineering,
International Institute of Information Technology,
Hyderbad, India - 500032.

My Home-Page: http://saini.co.in/
My Web-Blog: http://fedora.co.in/

IRC nick : generalBordeaux
Channels : #fedora, #fedora-devel, #yum on freenode

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