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Re: Uniform Proxy Settings

2008/10/2 Kulbir Saini <kulbirsaini students iiit ac in>:
> Hi list,
>   Whenever I try a new version of Fedora, the first problem I face is
> setting the proxy. It seems for almost every application, I have to specify
> proxy at a different place. We have this "System -> Preferences -> Internet
> and Network -> Network Proxy" app to specify proxy settings. But I wonder if
> there is some application which obeys these settings.
There is one: http://code.google.com/p/libproxy/

I was waiting for upstream to answear to the patch before importing.
(i will import soon)

Nicolas (kwizart)

> Examples:
>   1. Yum (3.2.19-3.fc10) won't fetch proxy settings from above specified
> location. It has to be set via proxy option in yum.conf or
> http_proxy/ftp_proxy env variable.
>   2. Codeina (0.10.1-9.fc10) will behave the same.
>   3. Revisor (2.1.0-1rc7.fc9) will not even obey http_proxy/ftp_proxy env
> variable settings. It has to be set in revisor.conf via proxy option.
>   .... and the list continues.
>   Do we have any plans in near future to force a single location where proxy
> will be set and all other applications must read/write settings from/to that
> location? so that we can set different proxies (in case somebody needs) for
> different applications at that particular location.
> ---------------------------------------------------
> Thank you,
> Kulbir Saini,
> Computer Science and Engineering,
> International Institute of Information Technology,
> Hyderbad, India - 500032.
> My Home-Page: http://saini.co.in/
> My Web-Blog: http://fedora.co.in/
> IRC nick : generalBordeaux
> Channels : #fedora, #fedora-devel, #yum on freenode
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