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Re: Uniform Proxy Settings

Colin Walters wrote:
2008/10/3 James Antill <james antill redhat com>:
 So I'm going to assume that we're, again, ignoring a bunch of real
Fedora users who use gnome-terminal on the desktop ... for all those 60+
year olds who don't, and are about to be a majority of our users RSN.

 But I have to ask, is gnome-PackageKit part of the desktop?
 Assuming so, are you suggesting that gnome-PackageKit override all yum
downloads that happen from as soon as a user logs into the desktop?
 Or maybe that some yum related downloads will happen with the "desktop"
proxy settings, and some with the "system" proxy settings?

I think it would make sense for things like "yum install foo" *when
invoked as nonroot* to call pkcon to accomplish the task.

1.  yum-cli -> yum-api -> pk-con -> pk -> DBUS -> pk-backend -> yum-backend -> yum-api -> install the package

compare to

2. yum-cli -> yum-api -> install the package

here is kind og chicken and egg problem here.

take this user case.

ssh to some server
yum install foo
how would that work.

Dont forget that PackageKit is a highlevel abstraction to the low level package management system, making the low level system use the highlevel abstraction of it self, is kind of crazy. IMHO.


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