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Re: trash-cli : Looking for a reviewer

Tim Niemueller wrote:
> I can understand that the trash tool chose that command name. It makes
> sense, it's short and clear, and for a command line tool that's
> something that makes users use it -- or not if done badly. It is likely
> that if another application provides another trash command the
> functionality will be equal or similar. Then it would be a matter for
> the alternatives system to sort this out. In general this is the very
> reason why the alternatives system is there. In case of the trash
> command the thing that probably makes many feel uncomfortable is that
> there is no such de-facto standard like sendmail, yet. And thus one
> might bet on the wrong horse.
This is not what alternatives is for.  I've said many times that
alternatives should only be used when the following criteria are met:

1) System administrator choice; not end-user choice.

2) Command line compatible

A trash command does not follow #1 (no matter what happens if someone
implements a #2).  The environment-modules package might be a better
choice for doing something alternatives-like for end-user apps.


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