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Re: trash-cli : Looking for a reviewer

Jean-François Martin wrote:
Le dimanche 05 octobre 2008 à 22:18 -0400, Matthew Miller a écrit :
On Mon, Oct 06, 2008 at 12:10:34AM +0200, Andrea Francia wrote:
Eh, thought it's obvious.  One can type "trash" then use tab completion to see
what commands are available.
So the commands names could became:
- trashcan-put
- trashcan-empty
- trashcan-list
- trashcan-restore
My English is not so good, is the 'trashcan-put' a good choice?
It's not as good as just 'trash'.

Are there multiple "trash" programs out there? Is this likely to be a real

There is another program that allow to manage the trash from FreeDesktop
spec. but i can't find it, and it doesn't use the "trash" command.
This page contains all trash projects that i know, AFAIK none of them has a "trash" command.

Andrea Francia

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