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Disappointed: My feature was removed without noticing me

I have been informed that my LXDE feature [1] has been removed from F10
and delayed fore F11. I'm very disappointed about that, especially
because nobody cared to inform me about this decision.

I knew my feature was late, but I did everything I could to rescue it. I
followed all the advice from the feature wrangler, what more could I do?
Upon this question the feature wrangler told my that I had to watch
fedora-devel-announce and especially the meeting minutes. But this won't
help because no announcement has been made on the list and the latest
meeting minutes were published on September 10th. (BTW: Meeting minutes
seem to be published only sporadic recently.)

Looking through the IRC log [2] I find only very little information
about the LXDE removal. The topic was discussed very shortly and the
decision was made by only 2 people. And I think it was based on wrong
information. wwoods incorrectly assumed there were _no_ LXDE packages
ready yet, nirik corrected him the _some_ are ready, but in fact _all_
except two are.
The only argument that's sounds convincing to me (although I don't
really understand it) is nottings concerns about the breaking the string
freeze. Can somebody please explain this a little more in depth to me?
Looking at the F10 schedule i see string freeze was on September 11, so
why did nobody realize that my feature collided with string freeze

So my questions are:
     1. If we could finish the reviews within the next two days, is
        there still a chance left to get this feature into F10?
     2. If we can't get it ready as a feature, can I at least get the
        missing packages into F10 and make rel-eng tag them final?
     3. Why did nobody (ether someone from FesCO or the feature
        wrangler) cared to inform me? If they have a question, why
        didn't they ask me instead of making incorrect assumptions?
     4. Why have I not been notified about the wiki edit of the feature
        wrangler, although the page is on my watchlist?

To be honest: I feel I have been bilked of my work by people who did not
even read the feature page or the reviews in bugzilla completely and
therefor were not informed properly.

I'm very disappointed :(

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=Features/LXDE
[2] http://bpepple.fedorapeople.org/fesco/FESCo-2008-09-24.html

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