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Re: Package review backlog.

John Poelstra wrote:
David Woodhouse said the following on 10/10/2008 07:30 AM Pacific Time:
On Fri, 2008-10-10 at 15:33 +0200, Christoph Wickert wrote:
Am Freitag, den 10.10.2008, 14:14 +0100 schrieb David Woodhouse:

I propose that each FESCo member should try to work on at least one
package review per week. Each week at the FESCo meeting, we'll ask
members which reviews they've worked on in the past week.

It won't be _mandatory_ --
As a rule of thumb it's ok, but it should not be mandatory. I think the
FESCo members are already having a lot of work to do and I'm not sure if
everybody has enough spare time for reviews.

Absolutely. Besides, if you do call it 'mandatory' you have to start
defining what would happen if people don't comply, and the whole thing
just gets silly.

I'm talking about a 'recommended practice', and just asking people each
week which packages they've looked at. Nothing more.

And even though people are busy, it shouldn't actually take _that_ long
to make progress on reviewing a single package, each week.

1,212 open Package Review bugs


Thats an amanzing number, I'll put in, or rather repeat, my 2 cents here. Fedora, like any opensource community, is all about give and take, about tit for tat.

I've submitted many, many new packages (100+ I guess) and I've *never* had any problems in getting them reviewed.

Of those 1200 pachages awaiting review, 100 block FE_NEEDSPONSOR, so 1100 are normal reviews submitted by people which are already contributers! Lets say every contributer has on average 2 packages waiting for review, then 2 have 550 contributers for whom the review queue is a problem, if all of those 550 submitters would review only 2 packages, then the entire normal review queue is gone!

What I always do, and what we should be promoting much more is exchange reviews. Just post a mail to fedora-devel-list, saying I've got these and these packages which need review, and I'll gladly review any other package in return.

Then people who are willing to do reviews themselves day sure, and my and their package is reviewed in a matter of days. For those who are not willing to do reviews in return for their own package being reviewed I've got little sympathy!

So the real problem to this solution is not mandating anyone to do reviews, but to seriously promote swapping reviews.



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