OpenOffice and go-oo

Muayyad AlSadi alsadi at
Mon Oct 13 22:11:14 UTC 2008

> "Just working" is all that I imagine j-random-user cares about as the initial position.
> They may very well care that too many dependencies have been pulled in,
> but their base position is that everything at least works. Not working
> would be infuriating.

 said to make all that stuff to be the default to it will just work
and in the same time, some one who makes the livecd could drop those
extra stuff this is the point

> and some of that is addressed by e.g. the F-10
> split which should avoid the wearisome "OOo requires
>tomecat, what a stupid program" nonsense.

can you please make that clear for me, can I have minimal Oo.o on a
fedora-based livecd without having java on it and without exceeding
700Mb limit

> I would like to see OOo on the LiveCD :-),

I did it, I made a fedora based livecd with{writer,impress,calc} on it

I moved away some files from ooo-core to another package so that
writer,impress and calc works without java and thus can be put into a
and with this ojuba users can happily  open .doc .rtf .odt ..etc files

but because I that on vanilla ooo many functionality could be missing
because they are java-centric, while if I build it over the go-oo it
will be perfect, so in Ojuba 2 if ooo3 is still java-centric and
ooo-core depends on java I'll base it package on go-oo which does not

> universal LiveCD for all supported languages
Ojuba is not aimed to be international, it's aimed for Arabic speakers
and Fedora is aimed to be a core that is easy for people [like me] to spin it

building OOo was a nightmare, and without mock I would never be able to build it

>favour of non-java solutions for main-line functionality in OOo. svg
>import is sort of outside the two direct immediate usage routes that do
>(today) require java. Searching help, and the xsltfilter stuff are both
>directly available from the UI, and both need java at the moment to work
>right, and I don't think the right

they only need java in vanilla ooo not in go-oo and this is the point
behind asking you to base it on go-oo
because the minimal oo.o will have more functionality and better native speed

and BTW: *filters need not be installed in the livecd

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