OpenOffice and go-oo

Caolán McNamara caolanm at
Tue Oct 14 12:55:57 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-10-14 at 01:11 +0300, Muayyad AlSadi wrote:
> can you please make that clear for me, can I have minimal Oo.o on a
> fedora-based livecd without having java on it and without exceeding
> 700Mb limit

There are two explicit java-requires in stock Fedora F-10 OOo "core"
rpms. One on saxon and one on lucene. So you can't put the OOo rpm on a
LiveCD and not get java pulled in there as well. But there is no longer
one for bsh in the "core" rpms, only on the beanshell one. Which reduces
the java-requires stack somewhat if just trying to put the major OOo
components on it.

> > I would like to see OOo on the LiveCD :-),
> I did it, I made a fedora based livecd with

There's no great difficulty putting (a translation subset of) OOo on "a"
LiveCD. I was referring to "the" stock fedora LiveCD.

> but because I that on vanilla ooo many functionality could be missing
> because they are java-centric, while if I build it over the go-oo it
> will be perfect, 

> they only need java in vanilla ooo not in go-oo and this is the point
> behind asking you to base it on go-oo

go-ooo unfortunately is not a magic version of OOo, so it is just not
the case that it can fully work without java. On such a "java-less"
3.0.0 go-ooo, or even on your own LiveCD java-less OOo of probably
fedora-vanilla-based 2.4.0...

a) what happens when you run file->wizards->letter ?
b) what happens when you enter a search term in the online help (note
3.0.0, not 2.4.X) ?
c) what happens when you use tools->xml filter settings-> and add a new
xslt transform and use "test xslts"
d) and what happens when you run oobase and attempt to create a new
local database.

Those examples need java to work, whether or vanilla.


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