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Re: review-o-matic : Fedora package review helper

Kushal Das wrote:
Hi all,

I am starting a project called review-o-matic which will do reviews of
Fedora packages based on discussions at
We know of having couple of scripts being used by different people to
do so, but this tool's target is to consolidate those efforts and add
a number of additional features as well. The basic idea is to remove
the grunt work from package reviews.


Run rpmlint
Build the package in mock
verify the md5sum of upstream source matches what is in the srpm
What about making directly the build on koji ?
It enables to test all version and all arch before the review.

I actually think that we should couple a bit more Koji and the BZ such as
- I submit a review
- I provide a build number from koji (me if I am approved or review-o-matic)
- Koji does not delete this build until the review is done
- When the package is approved (is so), koji remove the build.

Would that be an interesting feature ?

Best regards,


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