The Big ACL Opening

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Thu Oct 16 17:55:05 UTC 2008

> On Thu, 16.10.08 12:28, Jon Ciesla (limb at wrote:
>> > I don't think using smelly worlds like that one and forgetting about
>> their
>> > history would be good for a formalized workflow like ours in
>> > Fedora. I mean, we are supposed to be democratic with all our
>> > board elections and stuff. But, uh, using Nazi terminology is not a
>> > good way to promote that.
>> >
>> > Or, if we have "Überpackagers", maybe it's time to rename normal
>> > packagers to "Unterpackagers"? That would fit awfully well into our
>> > pursuit for world domination, wouldn't it?
>> Point taken, but in all honesty, this has been being bandied about for
>> awhile.  Wouldn't have been more expedient to contribute to the naming
>> discussion before extensive infrastructure changes we made?
>> I mean, I agree with you to some extent, but the goat has already run
>> off
>> with the burrito, so to speak.
> Neither your hungry goat nor the fact that I don't follow all and very
> single discussion on the fedora MLs changes that "Überpackager" is a
> pretty bad choice of words.

Neither do I.  I though this had been on f-announce.  Immaterial. . .

> I noticed the adoption of this term for the first time a week or two
> ago when I had to log into FAS and noticed I had become an
> Überpackager. And, oh, god, with my blonde hair and blue eyes it felt
> so deserved...

To fair, I'm descended from Polish Catholics, and I didn't even think
about it, and I've read quite a bit of Nietzsche.  I can certainly
understand why many would be sensitive to this, but I guess in my mind I
associate Nietzsche less with what a textbook of mine euphemistically
referred to as Problems in Western Civilization than I do with one
philosopher's rants on Why 4$$holes Get Ahead.  Not to dismiss your
concerns, I'm just trying to illustrate why someone in a different milieu
might have missed it.

Do you have an alternate suggestion?  Package-guru?  Spec-mentat?

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