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Re: The Big ACL Opening

On Thu, 16.10.08 12:59, Toshio Kuratomi (a badger gmail com) wrote:

> Paul W. Frields wrote:
> > If we were to go with a dead language instead and say "ultrapackagers,"
> > would that be less likely to offend?  (Serious question, not being
> > snarky.)
> > 
> I can change this without too much trouble (Just have to remember all
> the places I just changed it :-).  I'll change to ultrapackagers in the
> source tree on Monday (hopefully deploying the same day but you never
> know) unless someone has a better suggestion.

I'd vote for "Superpackager". You could read an ironic connection to
"Superman" from that term, which is certainly more fun than one to the

Also, "Ultra" means "beyond" while "Super" means "above", IIRC. Super
hence appears more appropriate to me here, and less extreme. But
that's just me.


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