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Re: Collapsing DVD and CD torrents into one

Jesse Keating wrote:
Most torrent clients I've seen today allow you to pick and choose which
files you wish to download.  As such, does it make sense to collapse the
DVD and CD torrents into a single torrent and allow people to use the
client to pick which they want?  Are there pros/cons to this?

From an ease-of-use standpoint, I'd say now's not the time to collate the ISO's under one torrent. Most people really only download one ISO. Two if they're supporting multiple platforms (might be a good idea to go back to stats to see). Currently, I have my desktop set up such that when I click on a torrent file in my browser, it passes it off to Azureus which downloads it in the background. Two clicks (which could be made one if I told Firefox to "Always perform" the action).

The argument here is whether to "default to all and remove items" or to "select each item one-by-one and somehow add a select all".

It would be nice if the BT protocol could actually support including a subset of a torrent in the set for that standalone torrent, though (ie. if I had the DVD image in a torrent that's composed of more files than just that ISO image, it would still allow people who are just downloading the standalone ISO image torrent to use my share as a resource). That would make offering both options attractive.

Richi Plana

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