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Re: yafray "renamed" to yafaray - pick it ?

On Sun, Oct 19, 2008 at 10:19 AM, KH KH <kwizart gmail com> wrote:
2008/10/19 Paulo Cavalcanti <promac gmail com>:

> Well, I fixed it:
> http://people.atrpms.net/~pcavalcanti/srpms/yafaray-0.1.0-3.fc9.src.rpm
> It builds just fine in F9 now.
> I hope it can help you.
Hi Paulo!

I think this package should follow the usual package review process now.
It would be fine to close this topic, here on the mailing list, with
the bugzilla review request;
then, anyone can follow the conversation on the review.
But I think yafray and yafaray should co-exist for now.

Now, you will need to get sponsored for the package to be.
In the yafaray case, I would like to review it , as there is some
improvements required.
But your spec should be a good start.


in fact, according to my tests, yafray and yafaray can coexist. They use different Blender menus.

However, yafaray needs to be integrated into blender. To accomplish this, there is a new rpm,
yafaray-blender, that copies the appropriate scripts and libraries to /usr/share/blender/scripts.


This additional rpm is created automatically within the new yafaray .src.rpm:


This new .src.rpm builds fine with mock for F8 and F9.

It would be really nice to have yafaray in Fedora, maybe for F10, since Ubuntu already has it:


If you can review the package it will be good, but I think we need some blender users to make
a thorough evaluation.


Paulo Roma Cavalcanti

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