None of the Above (was Re: Sendmail still default?)

Arjan van de Ven arjan at
Sun Oct 19 18:37:16 UTC 2008

Forget about Sendmail. Or Exim. Or Postfix as default install.


There's two types of people using fedora:
1) People who don't run a mail server
2) People who very deliberately do

For 1), all three are wrong. Really. All you really need is some
minimalist commandline compatible thing that just forwards to some
smart host (or maybe does only local delivery). SSMTP or similar is
perfectly fine for this, while not taxing memory or boot time.

For 2) these folks have a VERY specific personal preference. This
entire discussion proves that. These folks already have to configure
their system from the default... making "pick a mail server of your
taste" part of that is the least of their worries.

Anybody trying to argue for the politics of Exim/Postfix/Sendmail as
default choice is ignoring the reality... 

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