Packaging Guidelines: /opt

Andy Theuninck andy at
Fri Oct 24 01:57:50 UTC 2008

I'm trying to put a package together for webmin. It wants to install
to libexec, but if I do that rpmlint (rightly) complains that there
are non-executable text files. Perl files & HTML files are intermixed
and separating them out would be a patching nightmare. With a bit of
sed scripting, I can coax the whole thing into a different base

The official packaging guidelines say Fedora follows the Filesystem
Hierarchy Standard, and as I read FHS /opt would be the most
appropriate place to dump this mess. If I try to use /opt/webmin
though, rpmlint pitches a fit about using /opt. Nothing in the
guidelines says I can't use /opt. Can I just ignore all these errors?

Also, neither the packing guidelines nor FHS make any mention of /var.
Maybe that's a more appropriate spot.

These are the packaging guidelines I've been referring to:

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