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Re: FESCo Meeting Summary for 2008-10-22

On 23.10.2008 21:53, Brian Pepple wrote:
=== Features ===
* FESCo rejected a proposal to revert the Sbin Sanity(1) feature.
      * For: kick_
      * Against: dwmw2, j-rod, bpepple, notting, dgilmore, nirik
      * Abstain: jwb
     1. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/SbinSanity

I think FESCo is doing a big mistake here.

So FWIW, I totally agree with what Ville said in

I'm willing to help Ville and Matthew making a real solution, where sbin stays "root commands" only, and where package that are right now get into he search path for ordinary users (either with symlinks or by moving the binaries). But it's IMHO best for everyone if we do that for F11. Come on, we had /sbin not in the path for more then how many years, so what is one half year more (especially as everyone that dislikes it is used to enable it already)?

But what's even worse: The summary IMHO misses two important details:

dwmw2> | If they want to come to us _quickly_ (i.e. next week) with a concrete, ready-to-ship alternative, then we can consider it.
dgilmore> | if there was a concrete workable alternative then i think we can consider it

Something like that really should have been mentioned in the summary.


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