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Help Needed: Figure out F9 Updates PackageKit deps

Hi folks,

Here is an easy task that someone could do to help us get new Fedora Updates flowing.

To aid in transition to the new key, Step 3 has the oldrepo of F9 Updates cleaned of all packages except tiny few to enable transition to the new key. The old F9 Updates repo is to contain the transitional fedora-release, and the current stable version of PackageKit, both signed by the old key and all other packages removed.

The goal here is for any F9 pre-newkey install or Live install to be able to automatically upgrade into the new PackageKit. This is because the original PackageKit shipped in F9 was unable to ask the user if they want to import a new GPG key.

Could someone figure out what is the minimum set of Fedora 9 packages needed to keep in the repo to allow an upgrade from F9 original release?

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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