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Re: Help Needed: Figure out F9 Updates PackageKit deps

On Tue, 2 Sep 2008, Bruno Wolff III wrote:

If you are assuming that they already have PackageKit installed (and hence
already have the dependencies installed), wouldn't you just need to include
the new PackageKit (assuming there are no new dependencies) and the new
Fedora-Release packages in the repo?

I don't think there is any substitute for testing it, preferably with the minimal install of Fedora that contains PackageKit. The rpms tell you that you definitely need yum-packagekit and PackageKit-libs but are there any other ones that also need updating or adding?

For example if gnome-packagekit needs updating as well (though I don't think it does) you would have to make the package "unique" available somewhere because that dependency was added between the Fedora 9 release and the current version.

	Michael Young

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