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Re: Dependency loops considered harmful?

Jon Ciesla wrote:

I've noticed that we have quite a lot of dependency loops in
repositories. The current i386 rawhide has 354 packages which are part
of one or more loops.

Is that ok? I've always thought it's something that should be avoided
as it makes life harder for rpm, yum and users trying to manually
install or remove rpms. I even remember few incidents where a loop
caused serious troubles when installing packages with scriptlets.

Full list of the packages is here:

For example, why games data depend on binaries?

So that if we try to upgrade the version of the binaries and not the data,
it will fail. We can still bump the release in most cases, allowing for
minot fixes without requiring the user to download the same data again.

It sounds like people are using Requires: foo >= X where they should be using Conflicts: foo < X. There's no harm done if you install a game data file and the game isn't installed. Please don't create dependency loops.

-- Chris

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