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Re: ext4 testing in the F10 release cycle

Eric Sandeen wrote:
Peter Robinson wrote:

Do you have recommended FS creation parameters for SSDs?

Not really; there has unfortunately been very little (or no)
optimization of ext4 for SSDs at this point ...

It'd probably be an allocator heuristic change but nobody's looked into
that yet.

Once we get ext4 raid-geometry-aware, we can probably use some of that
geometry info to better match up with the erase block sizes on an SSD at

In my testing (without a filesystem), raid-optimized access works quite well on SSDs, so that should carry over quite effortlessly. The places where we need work are:

a)	Make jbd do fewer small writes.

b) Write a partitioning tool that doesn't suck the way fdisk and parted do, so we can partition properly for the geometry of modern storage.

c) Put an alignment option in the installer, so people can optimize their partitions and filesystems for SSDs, RAID, and anything else where alignment matters.

-- Chris

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