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Re: Dependency loops considered harmful?

On 2008-09-03, 23:41 GMT, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
> That works for a Mom and Pop desktop but doesn't work as 
> a developer's workstation.  When developing software you might 
> need a library that does Foo.  Look on the system, hey, I can 
> use libFoo!  A few weeks later, when you remove Gnome-Foo from 
> your system because your shiny new  application does the job, 
> your app suddenly can't find libFoo....

No, you would still find libFoo, because yum would still have 
recorded that libFoo was directly installed, and not just to 
satisfy dependency on Gnome-foo. Don't say it is not possible, 
when it was working (and I were using it) for years on Debian.

Moreover, even if it didn't help your developer (and I claim that 
it would), I would still prefer solution which cures problems of 
at least normal users and wouldn't help developers (who should 
now how to fix their system).


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