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Re: Proposed removal of packages with long-standing FTBFS failures

Matt Domsch wrote:
> As was proposed to FESCO, packages with unresolved FTBFS bugs
> immediately following the Alpha release will be removed from the
> distribution. Package owners may request that their package _not_ be
> removed provided they are actively working on resolving the FTBFS and
> have a plan to resolve the FTBFS before the Release Candidate
> release.  FESCo has the final say of course, but these are the items
> on my candidate list.  I'd prefer packages get fixed rather than
> removed.  If you are the package owner, or are interested in the
> future of these packages, please investigate these build failures and
> fix them ASAP.

> qa-assistant- [u'440914 ASSIGNED'] (build/make) toshio

spot was kind enough to have fixed this when he fixed the license tag in
the spec.  I'll close the FTBS ticket however, I've also orphaned this
package so it will be blocked from F-10 unless someone wants to take it


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