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Re: Why I'll leave fedora (french speaking people only) [1]

Alain PORTAL wrote:


En fait, quand je me relis, je me rend compte que finalement je ne donne pas vraiment les raisons... Sans doute ai-je trop donné d'explications ailleurs.

Eh Trashy, Zig Heil !

No regards for ass holes

[1] You can read french?
I'm sorry, but don't forget french is the diplomacy language.
Ok... I cannot read French... but from what google's translator is able to decipher... it looks to me like you are the one being unreasonable. You say here: "Je te trouve particulièrement glonflé de venir oser me proposer ton aide alors que tu m'as banni à la fois d'IRC [1] et des forums fedora-fr..." that you were banned from IRC and fedora-fr... well, if you were indeed banned, there must have been some reason for it.

I won't delve into that here... though I'm sure someone will enlighten us.

The point is... things take time... and with everything going on with Fedora Infrastructure in the last month... you should expect it to take longer.

Chill out...
remember, it's only code.

Lyos Gemini Norezel

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