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Re: what is keeping per-user state outside of user's $HOME ?

On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 7:30 AM, John Ellson <john ellson comcast net> wrote:
>> Are you sure it's not a ConsoleKit interaction making the session think
>> your user isn't at the console?
> Only if ConsoleKit is keeping per user-state.   If I login at the console as
> any other user I get the Lock Screen menu item.

Taking a quick look at the authorizations gui on my F9 system, you can
in fact do grants and blocks for individual users, but I don't see
anything in the list of possible authorization targets which is lock
screen. Rawhide could have added that however.

I still don't understand PolicyKit/ConsoleKit well enough to help you
track it down in the filesystem with 100% confidence.  But I would
suspect that you should look in /var/lib/PolicyKit/ and
/var/lib/PolicyKit-public/   for per-user authorization rules if they

Hope this helps.


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