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configuring sudo by default (was: Re: Today's (9/12) rawhide all users = unable to authenticate user!)

On 13.09.2008 12:16, Martin Sourada wrote:
What I'd like to see, is sudo being setup by default (full access w/
password) for the first user (as configured during firstboot).

I'm not sure if that's a good idea, as that could lead to unwilling side-effect as that's easily forgotten by those not familiar with this behavior in Fedora.

But a checkbox with a text "User is the sysadmin for this system" might makes sense in firstboot -- that checkbox could not only configure sudo and/or PolicyKit access but also do other things like setting up a alias to /etc/aliases to make sure the user in question retrieves the mail send to root.

Please no! Sudo is not the good way to do this kind of things. There is
PolicyKit for doing such things correctly.

Then please tell me how for example read /var/log/messages or other log files from /var/log/ using PolicyKit from a {gnome,kde}-terminal(¹) with an easy to remember and fast to type command (like "sudo"). tia -- I'm really curious if such a command exists.


(¹) something most of us have done in the past or regularly do

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