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Re: Pulseaudio : lots of issues, how can I help?

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Simply put, non-X-console input is a mess (X input is a mess too but
at least there are people trying to fix it), non-X-console font
support has fossilized, and support for modern high resolution screens
is severely lacking.

Me and some people around me use console often enough. Perhaps just by habits. Including a habit to "a bigger letter", "less colors", "still old monitors", "still wild country" etc.

There is only one big font issue for me, introduced since RHL8 -- switch to 512-glyphs default console font (latarcyrheb). Such a font (when > 256 glyphs) leads to lack of some console colors. (The solution is to use another console fonts, which are always present in system).

The console has not evolved for a long time,

Perhaps all the efforts was focused on GUI (to reach windoze etc.), but this does not mean that console (as well as "classical" cmdline interface) is an unneeded thing to be supported in a general purpose distro...

Non-X-console state is so bad nowadays I don't bother reporting bugs
on it.


There is simply not enough console users and console
developpers to do anything but life support anymore.

At least 50% of my time is at console, not at X. I would not wish to explain why I (still) use console and why, using it, I am not an idiot. But I use it, hence I can help...

IMHO, the "not enough console users" is true for the current Fedora environment, but not true *in general*. Considering (simplifying) Fedora as RedHat employees (focused on GUI for market reasons) plus young enthusiasts (who started their life from GUI), we see why we lack console for now.


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