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Re: Pulseaudio : lots of issues, how can I help?

Le Lun 15 septembre 2008 16:26, Dmitry Butskoy a écrit :
> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

>> There is simply not enough console users and console
>> developpers to do anything but life support anymore.
> At least 50% of my time is at console, not at X. I would not wish to
> explain why I (still) use console and why, using it, I am not an
> idiot.

I spend much of my time on the console... the X terminal+ssh one. The
non-X terminal one is a waste of my time.

Please do not take anything I wrote as an attack on the CLI
usefulness. It isn't. I'm complaining of the state of the console
software stack, not on the CLI in general.

> But I use it, hence I can help...
> IMHO, the "not enough console users" is true for the current Fedora
> environment, but not true *in general*.

The problem is that the population that runs Fedora is highly more
susceptible to fix problems that the population that does not run
Fedora (and tends to wait for someone else to do the work).

The non-Fedora population is the one that was happy with OSS and did
nothing with it (and as a result it got dumped for alsa by the people
who were doing the work).

Nicolas Mailhot

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