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Re: Pulseaudio : lots of issues, how can I help?

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Please point me to what needs maintaining and I'll see if I can get
one of my colleagues to handle that.

The whole console layout database needs to be re-synched with the xorg
one (People have stopped submitting patches to kbd every time they fix
an xkeyboard-config bug.

We mix two different concepts here -- "console" and "serial tty". Linux console is more richly -- color support, different size, mouse support, screen history etc. -- but IMHO it is just an enhancement for the "simply serial-like tty".

If people actually want "just a tty" (plus some additional convenience unlike in "dumb" tty), then the re-sync of databases with X etc. seems not needed.

The whole console font set needs to be dumped and the console taught
to use generic truetype/opentype fonts

For me, just one font for more than 10 years... As if it is a dumb tty.

Noone will work on console "as under X" -- it has another target.

Can't login, broken display and buggy keyboard layouts. I don't see
how the situation could be worse

Well, just do not use console! But do not deprecate it for me (it works for me now properly).


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