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Re: Interested in Fedora on Smaller Machines?

>> > Smaller form-factor machines such as the Asus eeePC have gotten a fair
>> > bit of the tech press spotlight of late.  Have you bought one with the
>> > idea of running Fedora on it?  Or have you thought about doing so?
>> >
>> > I'm trying to gauge the interest in starting a SIG with the purpose of
>> > making distribution changes to make running on these devices more
>> > streamlined and have more work "out of the box".  This will involve both
>> > the necessary work to just get the hardware working well with Fedora of
>> > today as well as possibly a spin that is explicitly targeted at some of
>> > the constraints of the hardware down the line[1].
>> >
>> > If enough people are interested, I'd like to find a time later this week
>> > or next week to have an initial meeting to kind of figure out what
>> > bounds we want to tackle things in for the first pass.  Hardware that I
>> > think definitely falls into the scope would be: netbooks, UMPCs, MIDs,
>> > maybe the XO?   I've started up a page on the wiki
>> > (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/JeremyKatz/Netbooks) that people can edit
>> > and then we can go from there
>> What is the status of this SIG? I presume there's enough interest, and
>> that the hold up is more than likely the infrastructure issues. Is
>> there a planned name for the SIG? I would suggest something quite
>> general like "Fedora Mini SIG" rather than something that has netbook
>> in the name.
> I like "mini" -- it has some nostalgia factor.  We can just start
> referring to them as mini-computers and watch people's heads explode :-)

Yea, my thoughts exactly :-)

> And yeah, hold up is the infrastructure issues took a lot of my time and
> then I went on vacation and then I've been just catching up with having
> been on vacation.  Timing looks like it's going to be a bit of a bear
> but I'll pick a time that looks like it'll be as good as possible and
> send out a mail with that later this afternoon

Ping! I some how don't think your time has been any less free between
Fedora updates and then the beta, anything that can be done by me to
expedite the SIG setup?


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