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Re: Pulseaudio : lots of issues, how can I help?

Denis Leroy wrote:
Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
And that's ok. Do remember that X was defined at a time hardware was
vastly less powerful and core X is not wasteful at all. Compared to
how the rest of the system has bloated, X is definitely lean and mean.

I agree with that point. Does an X-based mingetty replacement actually exists ? Something that's proven to be sufficiently fail-safe (will work even with half-broken X configurations and such?).

This is getting really confusing.
There will NEVER be a "X-based mingetty replacement". At least because mingetty is "_MINIMAL_ getty for consoles". Having to run X (and you know... it won't start with less then 256M ram) on every machine with Fedora is a real problem. For example on the desktop I'm writing from (and I'm sure not only here) X is always high in top with both CPU and memory usage, it's the most frequently crashing/freezing part of the system. And I don't think it will ever change. You know, X is doing a really complex job. Input/output devices, resolution changing, 3D acceleration, broken games... They will always cause problems. I don't think it's possible to create fail-safe X. Having this problems on a machine which will never benefit from X, is a rel problem. On the other hand I rarely see mingetty sessions crash. And if mingetty+bash+mc+gpm is more than enough for a system, having a full X stack running on it is overkill (or stupid).

There are a lot of people in the community pushing really hard to make Fedora a "Desktop OS", "desktop product". These people must understand that their desktop isn't the only (and I hope not even the most important) place Fedora is supposed to run. I personally run it on a desktop a laptop and 6 servers. I like NetworkManager running on the laptop. It makes switching from network to network very easy, it works perfectly with wireless networks. But NetworkManager enabled by default on a server I install is really confusing. It makes my (professional) life harder. If we continue making power users'/administrators' life harder while we try to be more "user-friendly" (and by user we always think Joe-clueless) we will loose them. And this special kind of users are the most important (correct me if I'm wrong) for Free Software.

And I would like to thank You for Your time if You managed to read till here :)

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