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Non-X text mode console

I routinely use text mode console without X, for a
variety of reasons.  For example:
* I have a number of systems (servers) at runlevel 3
* console is critically important when X fails. "Log in with ssh"
  doesn't work when ssh or the network fails.
* It's often much simpler to quickly log in to do a small task
  rather than waiting for all the X + desktop startup stuff
* I have some systems that have GUIs but not X at all
  (e.g., use DirectFB directly to the framebuffer)... and
  I sometimes need a recovery method, just like I do for X

I think it's clear from this discussion here that many people DO
find non-X console mode useful, and thus, it shouldn't be removed:
Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski:
> It does matter, since the removal affects me (and some other people, apparently),
> while just keeping it means it will continue to work as it does now.

The complaints about non-X console mode failing to support
"multiple fonts" are irrelevant.  I do not WANT text-mode
console to support multiple fonts; that would interfere with
console mode's advantages (e.g., small size, often works even when
X fails). When I want fonts, I'll use X.

--- David A. Wheeler

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