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Re: system-autodeath

Stephen Warren wrote:

As pointed out by other people: What about nv and nouvea users; obviously
those drivers can modeset, and the source is available.

Nv and "source available" is kind of a stretch from what I heard, it is pretty obfuscated. Nobody seems to be working on it except Nvidia. A fair amount of the interest in Nouvea is around just purely 2D but with more clarity in the source code. Nouvea is still considered pretty experimental and a fast moving codebase. If you are using it, modesetting is probably not the thing that would be bothering you much. However Richard Hughes or David Airlie can probably give you more details on that.

Plymouth has a reasonable fallback as well anyway.

OK. This question wasn't directly answered the last time I asked. What is
the fallback?

Wouldn't it be better to know about that before criticizing?


" Plymouth, that starts earlier (even before / is mounted!), doesn't require an X server, and gets rid of a lot of the noise during startup.

Plymouth will requires DRM kernel modesetting drivers to get pretty graphics, but will have a text mode fallback for systems without driver support."


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