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Re: How important is comps.xml to us these days? Which packages should be in comps.xml and which not?

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
On 21.09.2008 14:25, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
On 20.09.2008 22:00, Kevin Kofler wrote:
Rahul Sundaram <sundaram <at> fedoraproject.org> writes:
PackageKit does use it via the yum backend.
One more reason for us then to make sure everything a user might want to select is in comps.xml, isn't it?

Note that this is only from 0.3.3 on.

/me looks at rawhide and finds 0.3.2

/me grabs 0.3.3 straight from koji

/me fails to get it to work on F9 (likely my fault) :-/

Updating yum as well did the trick.

Hmm. From the screenshot it's hard to see if gpk-application exports the package groups from comps.xml similar to how pirut/anaconda do. But seems to be different, which would be a important detail for the decision how to maintain the comps.xml in Fedora...

Seems to be way different. In pirut/anaconda you in F9 for example can select the group "GNOME Desktop Environment"; then you can hit the "details" button and select some more packages from the gnome group or deselect some other you don't want. Seems that's not possible in gpk-application right now. Not sure if it should, but that's quite and important detail when if comes to the "how to maintain comps.xml properly" question.


The groups in comps.xml is used as meta-packages, there can be installed and removed. just like yum groupinstall/groupremove.
Ex. you can install KDE by installing the kde-desktop meta-package.
All the meta-packages (comps groups) are located under collections.
The categories is not used in pk-application.


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