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Re: specspo and PackageKit

seth vidal (skvidal fedoraproject org) said: 
> No, I was offering a way of doing it so you only got the translations
> you needed for the language you were using. Additionally, I was trying
> to focus on a solution which allowed you to have translations for both
> the installed and available packages.

Again, this is all stuff that exists. (specspo is lang-tagged, just like
any other package's translation.)

> In my ideal world things would work like this:
> 1. translations live in the repodata in separate files per language
> 2. yum downloads the translations for the lang you're running in
> 3. when you install a package it takes the translations from the
> repodata translation and stuffs them in the rpmdb alongside the stock
> info for the pkg.

This is still a tremendous burden at repodata time, which requires
tying a large cpu-intensive process (that has to pull from source control)
into every tool that we have (mash, bodhi, etc.)


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